Eco Friendly Product


Our commitment to the environment is one of responsibility and integrity. “Eco” isn’t just in our name, it’s in our roots. From the ground up, Eco’s foundation and purpose is to offer the highest quality, most comfortable, eco-friendly memory foam products on the market.

Hundreds of companies today are considering changes in infrastructure, manufacturing and delivery to become more “Green.” But at our store we want to do more than follow a trend – we want to set the industry standard for earth-friendly memory foam products.

Eco Foam Mattress’s proprietary Eco Memory Foam conserves energy, uses patented zero emissions technology in the manufacturing and refining process, uses other sustainable resources like bamboo for product materials and packaging, and even uses pre-consumer recycled products in its base layer.

We’ve also reduced our shipping footprint to save fuel with each shipment.


Eco Foam Mattress starts by using only Eco Memory Foam. This product sets the industry standard for minimal petroleum use, and replaces it with a 100 percent plant-based product. This plant-based substitute uses less energy to process, thus conserving energy

When you add the fact that Eco Foam is manufactured in the U.S.A. in a patented zero emissions chamber, you can see how we have developed innovative processes that truly limit our impact on the environment.

Eco Mattress Systems uses products which are pre-consumer recycled materials in the mattress base, we are leading the industry in environmental standards.

Even our shipping is eco-friendly. By compressing our mattresses before shipping, we are able to consume up to 80 percent less petroleum fuels, thus reducing our carbon footprint.

From manufacturing to your bedroom, Eco Memory Foam products are Green to the core.