Eco Mattress Systems


Eco Mattress System Store products are made from the highest quality all natural memory foam products by FXI.

FXI memory foam products are made exclusively with Eco Memory Foam. We invite you to refresh your body with the most eco-friendly memory foam mattresses, mattress toppers and memory foam pillows on the market. Superior Comfort Memory Foam is unique in its comfort-enabling properties. No other product can conform to the body, relieve pressure points and aid circulation like memory foam. No wonder memory foam has been used in hospitals and other healthcare facilities for more than two decades. However, not all memory foam is created equal. There are differences in how they respond to temperature and offer support.


At Eco Mattress Store, your restful sleep is our top priority. While consumers of traditional memory foam products often complain of “sleeping hot,” The patented process of making our Eco Memory Foam’s mattresses and products extreme open-cell surface has proven to resist body heat retention. Our memory foam sleep products dissipate heat nine times faster than other memory foam sleep products, so you sleep cooler throughout the night. The extreme open-cell surface provides a stable comfort no matter what the outside temperature. Eco Mattress System’s Eco Series’ Foam Mattress System; specialty sleep products provide the perfect balance of comfort and support, giving you the distinct floating feeling as you enjoy a restful, luxurious full night’s sleep.


There are numerous health, comfort and ecological benefits to using a memory foam mattress over a conventional mattress system.


Latex memory foam is one of the greenest materials used in a foam mattress construction. Combined with open cell technology, latex memory foam is hypo-allergenic, resistant to bedbugs, dust mites and allergens. When used in the layers of a foam mattress, latex creates a supportive, yet firm surface that will properly and correctly support you as you sleep. So you can sleep better and sleep greener with our products.

You will be amazed at how much better rest you can get when your body is properly supported as you sleep. Our eco mattress, eco pillows, eco toppers and all natural organic bedding products actively work to support your body as you sleep. When you have a mattress and products that work with you instead of against you, you’ll be sleeping better than ever and waking properly refreshed.

Our eco memory foam products are made with high-quality, open celled, plant-based memory foam which is a big improvement over the traditional viscoelastic  foam. The Eco Memory Foam in our eco product line replaces the majority of petrochemicals (oil) with a plant-based formulation. This makes their memory foam greener, it eliminates the off-gassing that plagues “traditional” memory foam and it has a much smaller environmental footprint.

The eco foam in our products is temperature neutral across a 30 degree range. At room temperatures from 60 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit, your mattress and pillows will feel the same night after night evenly dispersing the comfort you need to all seven support zones of your body. Not only will this high-quality memory foam mattress give you a great night’s sleep, but it will do so without exposing you to harmful chemicals or manufacturing by-products.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about a eco memory foam products.