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Anew 5 | 12″ Mattress


A new and healthier you is as easy as getting a great nights sleep. That’s what happens when you rest on an Anew memory foam mattress. Anew memory foam mattresses feature a dynamic blend of resilient memory foam layers to actively stimulate better sleep. Anew mattresses preserve deep REM sleep with firm support as it lightly contours to your body’s movements through the night – letting you wake up renewed and filled with energy every morning.

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Resilient, supportive, and extremely comfortable.

Anew 5 is a 12″ foam mattress with resilient and enveloping layers work together to comfortably support your every sleep movement all night long without holding you down


Wake up refreshed and renewed. Featuring lively resilient foam, Anew actively responds to support your every move and provides minimal motion transfer for undisturbed rest.

Height: 12″
Viscosity: Medium Firm / Responsive

Sizes Available:
●  Twin
●  TwinXL
●  Full
●  Queen
●  King
●  CalKing

●  12″ Thickness and Medium Firmness Responsive Viscosity
●  A dynamic blend of multiple foam layer types
●  Helps you get out of bed easier
●  Medium Plush to Firm feel
●  Responsively reshapes to slight movements
●  No motion transfer
●  Superior pressure-point relief
●  Breathable for better air circulation

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Mattress Size

Twin, TwinXL, Full, Queen, King, KingCal